We are a robotics startup developing automation solutions for applying paints and coatings in construction and industrial applications to ensure superior efficiency, safer work environments, reduced costs and precise consistency.


It’s a tacit belief among us that revolutionary technology is a collective result of exemplary hardware and software. We strive to excel in all the three verticals of robotics to deliver superior performance.

Our technology is undoubtedly the bread and butter of robots and machines of the future.


We believe that innovation stretches beyond the scope of technology into processes and services.


We offer a unique Platform-As-A-Service which provides an end-to-end solution for coating and finishing works in real estate and construction sectors.

With the onus on development of smart cities, urban infrastructure and affordable housing, we want to establish a new normal in decorative painting for construction.


“Brilliant concept. A faster and more professional painting service is the need of the hour in the real estate space. Looking forward to employing the service.”
- Mr.Kotareddy, Sri Aditya Homes

“Scarcity of skilled workforce is growing. Technology like this can create a very big impact in the market. At a time when consistent quality is hard to find, a service like this has huge potential.”
- Mr.Venkat, Siri Sampada Constructions

“You guys have done a better job than any painting contractor I have employed previously. With time, I hope you achieve the level of perfection you envision.”
- Mr.Srinivas, Our Proud First Customer


Puneeth Bandikatla
CTO, BITS Pilani

Nitesh Boyina
Lead Hardware Design
BITS Pilani

Ravi Teja
Lead Computer Vision
IIIT Hyderabad

Srikar Reddy
CEO, BITS Pilani

Akhil Varma
Operations & Finance


We have the support and mentorship of amazing people who are keen to see us become a success.

Arun Venkatachalam,
Angel Investor,
Zoom Car, Industry Buying

Prof. Madhav Krishna,
Head of RRC,
IIIT Hyderabad

Denzil D’Costa,
Head of Contractor
Equipment Division (India), Graco Inc.


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